Blow Dry Bar pricing
walk-in blowout – $25

Blow Dry Bar ad-ons
Extra thick long hair – Add $10
Flat iron – Add $5
Curling iron – Add $8

What is a Blowdry Bar?
A Blowdry Bar is a place where you can go and have a simple wash and blowdry.

Is it true that the Eric Alt Salon has a Blowdry Bar?
Yes, at the Eric Alt Salon we have incorporated this concept into all of our locations.

How does it work?
At the Eric Alt Salon a “Blowdry Bar” is a call ahead, day of  blowdry appointment.

Can I make an appointment for a “Blowdry Bar”?
Yes, you can make an appointment for the Blowdry Bar at the $25 price the “DAY OF” your service. We suggest calling a minimum of 2 hours ahead. You can also walk in but we cannot guarantee stylist availability. For this reason, we suggest calling ahead for a reservation.

Can I still make an appointment for a regular blowout?
Yes, you can still make an appointment for a regular blowout and style with your preferred stylist at full price.

Why does it cost more for a blowout with my stylist than a “Blowdry Bar”?
The reason the cost of a Blowdry is slightly higher than a “Blowdry Bar” is because we will set aside a specific time and day with your preferred stylist. This will ensure that you have the Blowdry at the time you need it.

Do I have to wait for a “Blowdry Bar” if I walk in?
In most cases you will not have to wait, however on weekends you may have a short wait due to limited stylist availability.

You can make an appointment with one of our Jr Stylists to hold a specific time slot for only $5 more anytime.

If your desired location is booked, ask the salon coordinator if there is availability at one of our other salons.

All our blowdry bars are available from opening until one hour before the location closes. Blowdry bars cannot be taken within the last hour before closing